Virtual Agenda - Day 2


Day 2 Welcome Address


Keynote: Edge Computing – What Customers are Doing Today and Will Be Doing Tomorrow

Edge Computing allows IT leaders to run mission-critical applications and infrastructure outside the four walls of the datacenter. Edge deployments need a high degree of automation and low touch IT management, and must be cost effective with a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

It is predicted that by 2025, three-quarters of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge – outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud (up from just 10% in 2018). Will you be ready to take advantage of the benefits edge computing offers?

In this session attendees will learn:

  • Use cases of how IT leaders in all industries are using edge computing to meet their business needs
  • Which kind of infrastructure platform is needed to be successful?
  • How to reduce management costs by 60%-80% with self-healing automation and intelligence


Panel discussion: Defining Edge For All Stakeholders: Where Is The Value, And What Groundwork Needs To Be Put in?

Edge computing represents a great opportunity for many participants in the tech ecosystem, but they cannot do everything alone. Cloud companies are teaming up with telecom providers to combine infrastructure strength with network capability – and the race is on to get developers building applications which make the most of 5G and AI, enabled by edge technologies.

  • Defining edge as a value proposition for cloud and telecoms
  • Exploring the partnerships already taking place
  • Using AI to improve performance of edge devices
  • What applications will result from this, and who will ultimately win the race?


Case study: Edge in Aviation

This session will cover:
○ Rethinking aviation infrastructure
○ Enhanced delivery of continuous monitoring
○ Discussing the benefits of low latency data
○ Edge and IOT as the enablers


Keynote: Applications of Edge Cloud Computing in Banking and Financial Services

  • Disruptive trends in technology and digital transformation
  • Evolving role of financial institutions in the hyper-connected world
  • Applications of edge cloud computing in financial services


Case Study: NASA’s Journey to Mars

Mars 2020 (Perseverance) will land February 18, 2021. We will discuss in vivid detail Cruise, Entry, Descent & Landing (EDL) and Surface Operations. Including the Mars 2020 Helicopter Ingenuity. We will also discuss, InSight, Curiosity and many future Mars missions such as Mars Sample Return and beyond.


Presentation: Enabling AI. Everywhere: Continuous Product Development – Better than Tesla!

  • How Tesla has set a global standard for continuous product development and why it is important
  • Time-to-market and continuous development of AI is crucial for success, requiring tools the whole organization can use as AI is now driving your IP
  • How to do continuous product development better than Tesla, regardless of industry.
  • Practical use cases how large corporates are using Edge AI to transform their business


Close of day two

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