Virtual Agenda - Day 1


Day 1 Welcome Address


The roadmap to Edge: An introduction


Keynote: Telco Edge

  • Utilising Telco Edge to reduce backhaul traffic, volume and cost
  • Developing rapid scalability and elasticity via TEC (Telco Edge Cloud)
  • Is edge computing the future?


Live Panel: The case for Edge and the benefits of a convergent approach

  • Debating the merits of different charging models
  • Speed is everything: Delivering lower latency and other benefits to customers via Edge
  • Enhancing data privacy with edge
  • Conserving network bandwidth and reducing congestion


Case Study: Manufacturing & the Edge

  • Enhancing predictive maintenance via the edge
  • Setting up precision monitoring and control with edge
  • The emergence of Manufacturing as a Service


Integrating AI and edge solutions to build competitive advantage

  • Creating personalised experiences with edge-powered artificial intelligence
  • The role of edge nodes in securing AI-enabled devices including tablets, phones and speakers
  • Analysing early use cases of edge AI


Examining the Edge Computing opportunity for telcos

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to make an edge computing model commercially viable


Edge-to-cloud integration and protocols for multi-access edge computing

This session will cover:

• The importance of creating flexible cloud to edge architecture


Live Panel: Understanding the complexity of the edge ecosystem: Defining the value chain


How edge computing is complementing the deployment of 5G


Case Study: How Edge is driving innovation in the automotive industry

  • Edge as the enabler for Advanced Driver Assistance
  • Adaptive & predictive vehicle maintenance
  • The importance of edge in the design of intuitive infotainment systems
  • How edge enhances driver safety by ensuring data security


Live Panel: Is Edge Computing the missing piece in the innovation jigsaw?


Close of day one

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Day 2 virtual agenda