Lavanya Kanchanapalli is an engineering leader with around two decades of experience building & leading high-performance applications and engineering teams across companies such as Netflix, and Twitter. In her most recent role at Twitter, she oversaw the development and maintenance of highly scalable and complex cloud infrastructure in a secure, reliable, and maintainable manner, enabling Twitter-scale application features.

Previously at Netflix, Lavanya served as a technical lead to build and operate large scale and highly reliable applications for data modeling, validation and pub-sub technologies like Hollow ( She also designed and built other backend applications for logging, and managing video data as a part of Netflix data platform and studio engineering teams.

Lavanya holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from George Mason University. She lives in the SF Bay Area with her family, enjoys hiking, reading books and networking with other professionals in the industry. She is passionate about promoting diverse voices at workplaces and volunteers as a coach and mentor in her spare time